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héroic sport

The story

Founded by Mr Lassana Diarra, Professional and International French Footballer, HEROIC SPORT is a drink that increases the absorption of water during physical exertion and helps to maintain performance during a prolonged endurance exercise.
With his experience, “Lass” himself worked on the ergonomics of the bottle for a good grip of the product but also worked on the recipe, its tastes and its components.
The first isotonic drink Made in France, with no preservatives, no artificial colors and natural flavors, was born in collaboration with the Research and Development teams at the L’Abeille plant, an industrial reference for French agribusiness.

Heroes of everyday

For the heroes of everyday life: the consumers of Heroic Sport find in sport a real source of pleasure. For them, the reward is personal fulfillment.
Behind every sip of Heroic Sport lies a story. The one of those who are #BackInTheGame.